Learning Goals for the Minor in Economics

Upon completing the Economics minor students will be able to:

  • Apply concepts, theories, and principles of economics;
  • Utilize critical thinking skills using concepts of economic theory to analyze economic conditions and evaluate policy;
  • Use data, quantitative analysis and the scientific method as it applies to economics and finance;
  • Articulate an understanding of the global economy and financial markets;
  • Requirements for a Minor in Economics
IS/ECO 150 Economy, Society and the State                        3
ECO 210 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Elective Courses:  
(3 of the following at the 300+ level)  (9)
BUS 223 Introduction to Investments 3

IS/ECO 306 Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment

IS/ECO 317 International Economics 3
IS/ECO 334 Gender and Development 3
BUS/ECO 351 International Business 3
BUS 357 International Finance 3
ECO 375 Money, Banking and Financial Markets     3
Total Credits 15