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Study Abroad

Long-term Study Abroad

Faculty members in the Business Division work closely with the College’s Study Abroad coordinator to tailor semester-long study abroad schedules that match the individual student’s interests. Our students have visited and studied in diverse countries including France, Ireland, England, China, and New Zealand to complement their business studies with international experience. 

Faculty-Led Travel Courses

Looking for short-term experiences abroad? If so, a faculty-led travel course is a great option for you. Faculty-led travel courses provide students with the opportunity to experience other cultures and learn about how business is conducted in different parts of the world. In the spring of 2019, 14 students enrolled in our Global Fashion Business course, had the opportunity to visit two of the fashion capitals of the world: London and Paris. There, they visited world-class museums and cultural landmarks, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Buckingham Palace. Students also toured flagship stores of renowned designers such as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney and learned about ethical production at a manufacturing facility.   

Hear from our students who have studied abroad

  • Sindelt Flores ’18

    Class of 2018, B.A. in Business with a concentration in Media and Arts Management

    “Being a liberal arts school, they don’t want you to just study for your specific Major, they want you to explore and learn from other things,” explained Sindelt before describing the study abroad office as being helpful and encouraging. As a result, she feels she has been able to take an interdisciplinary approach to her education, enabling her to confidently relate to people of diverse backgrounds. In conclusion, Sindelt shared that she felt Marymount Manhattan played a significant role in her decision to go abroad. She now feels more prepared for her future career in the business field.”

  • Emily Garcia ’17

    Class of 2017, B.S. in International Business

    Emily Garcia was awarded the prestigious Watson Fellowship as a rising sophomore. As a Junior, Emily received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Award.

  • Ethan Giroux’ 23

    Class of 2023, BA Business Major with a concentration in Social Entrepreneurship and a Minor in Economics.  

    “The JK Watson Fellowship application process has been an exciting and enriching experience. Although applying was not easy or free from anxiety, it allowed me to gain many useful skills such as resume building, communicating effectively during an interview, and how to present my value as a business person. I was initially interested in the Fellowship because of the working and hands-on experience it offered, but I came to be more excited about the idea of working with a carefully selected group of business people with a vision of their own.” 

  • Xiaoyi He ’15

    Class of 2015, Major in Finance

    “The study abroad experience opened up my eyes; it was definitely a life changing event for me.”

  • Alexandra Kaprielan ’13

    Class of 2013, Major in International Business

    “The best thing about studying abroad is that I got to immerse myself in a city that I love. Paris was an amazing place to spend a year and it allowed me to easily travel all over Europe while perfecting the language that I love and meeting new people from all around the world. While I was in Paris I only studied French and completed my Minor there. The best way to learn a language is to be completely immersed.”

  • James Matson ’14

    Class of 2014

    Double major in Business and International Studies, minor in Asian Studies

    “Having worked as an intern in the Chinese Works of Art department at Christie’s auction house, I found my experience extremely relevant as it complemented my undergraduate studies at Marymount Manhattan. Graduating with a double major in Business Economics and International Studies, and a minor in Asian Studies, my course work in Mandarin language and Chinese literature, business and history at Marymount has proved extremely relevant to the work I did at Christie’s, helping me to accomplish tasks such as the provenance research for ancient Chinese art.”

  • Megan O’Donnell ’15

    Class of 2015, B.S. in International Business, minors in Economics and French

    Megan graduated with a degree in International Business and loved her study abroad experience in Paris.

  • Amy Pekal ’15

    Class of 2015, Major in Business Management and Art History

    “Studying abroad in Florence, Italy taught me more about myself than any classroom could. I passionately dove into a new culture, learned to speak a new language and gained an appreciation for the world beyond New York City. ”

  • Dominique Studer ’11

    Class of 2011, B.S. in Marketing

    “The Business Management Program at Marymount Manhattan College has given me the resources and knowledge to succeed. Through various core classes and electives, it prepared me well for Wall Street and the volatile global market. I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Business Management, concentration in Marketing and minor in Hispanic Studies.”