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The Creative Media concentration gives CommArts majors an immersive, hands-on experience training in video production, web design, sound, interactive, multimedia, and media writing. Our production courses equip students with the skills to create innovative and thought provoking work for their portfolios.


Students can take a sequence of courses in the Theresa Lang Center for Producing - including Video Workshop, Screenplay Writing, Digital Sound Design, Webisodes, Writing for Television, and Storytelling Across the Media.   Class sizes are small, allowing our or award winning faculty the opportunity to mentor students.  This, coupled with the College’s location in the media capital of the world, offers our students the unique opportunity to take full advantage of NYC’s film, TV, and media culture. Students also intern within film, television, music, and web design industries throughout the City.

10638360240Digital Media & Video ProductionDigital Media & Video ProductionOur advanced courses offer in-depth workshops on a number of themes: documentary production, avant-garde filmmaking, fiction shorts, web design, interactive media, web video activism, advanced sound studio, advanced cinematography, children’s television, screenwriting, emerging technologies, and mobile media are some of our exciting offerings.   In addition to training on professional equipment and software, professors encourage students to find their creative voices, develop their ideas, and execute their projects. 


In senior year, students in the Creative Media concentration take a year long course to research, propose, and create a complex, multi-layered media project.  With this capstone project in hand, graduating seniors will leave Marymount with a diverse portfolio of creative work worthy of exhibition.

Those interested in learning more about the Creative Media Concentration, should contact Dan Hunt at dhunt1@mmm.edu

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