Minor: Journalism

The field of journalism is undergoing an exciting transformation as it adapts to new technologies and branches out into new and emerging media outlets.  

The Digital Journalism major prepares students for careers in a vibrant and evolving profession by providing a solid foundation in journalism practices, while preparing students to enter the competitive and increasingly multimedia journalism industry. This major will develop the writing, information gathering, editing, and reporting skills necessary to journalists for both traditional and digital media platforms. Students within this program will learn to work across media platforms to reinvent journalism and be the leaders in creating digital content. Dedicated faculty with years of experience in the industry mentor and encourage students to seek a variety of internships in New York City, where opportunities are limitless in the digital journalism field. Our students have interned at such places as The New York Times, FOX News, NY1, The Village Voice or CNN and also with newer journalism ventures such as BuzzFeed and The Daily Beast.  Students will be able to learn the essentials of print reporting but also take advantage of our multiple labs and a brand-new television facility to learn to be versatile news gatherers and makers. The major provides students the foundation necessary to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, investigative reporting, and other positions that will continue to evolve as journalism expands and adapts in its emerging media landscape. Students will use the state of the art facilities to make sure they’re ready for a career in their field.


Foundational Courses:

JOUR 112: Storytelling Across Media                                                                                                     3
JOUR 225: Journalism in the 21st Century 3
JOUR 395: Media, Law, & Ethics 3

Choose Two of the Following Content Courses:

JOUR 399: Internship/Independent Study                                                                                           3
COMM 222: TV Studio Production 3
IS/PS 109: International Relations 3
IS/ECO 150: Economy, Society, and the State 3
PS 106: Introduction to U.S. Politics 3
PS/IS 231: Comparative Politics 3
AIP 334: Media and Politics 3
AIP 342: Fashion and Society 3
COMM 333: Fashion, Media, and Culture 3
GSS 210: Gender Studies


Choose Two of the Following Writing Courses:

JOUR 310: Arts and Media Reporting and Criticism                                                                          3
JOUR 312: Public Affairs and Political Reporting 3
JOUR 340: Freelance Article Writing 3
JOUR 316: Fashion Journalism 3
JOUR 350: Special Topics in Journalism 3

Students may take up to 15 credits of Internships and Independent Studies combined. A maximum of 3 Internship credits can be applied towards the major. Independent Studies cannot be applied towards the major

Faces of MMC

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