Language Sciences

Requirements for a minor in language sciences

SPCH 112 The Structure of English
OR EWL 210 The History of English
SPCH 160 Introduction to Linguistics 3
*SPCH 202 Phonetics 3
SPCH 251 Normal Language Development 3
SPCH 316 Psycholinguistics 3
SPCH 318 Language and Society 3
Capstone course: Choose Option A or B, determined in consultation with the department  
Option A: Interdisciplinary Coursework
Choose ONE from below:
PHIL 325 Philosophy of Language
EWL 337 Philosophies and Poetics of Translation
Option B: SPCH 399 or 499 Independent Study
SPCH 497 Research Project
SPCH 499 Internship in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL)
Total Credits 21
Suggested electives: Foreign Language  

*Theatre Arts and Acting majors who wish to pursue the Language Sciences minor may count THTR 202-203 towards the Language Sciences minor and in substitution for SPCH 202.

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