Department of Dance


All applicants, whether they plan to pursue a BFA or BA degree in Dance must audition for acceptance and proper placement in the dance programs.

Auditions are held off-campus and on campus during January, February, and March of each year. Please see here for the current audition dates. Under no circumstance are private auditions allowed. It is to your advantage to audition in person at one of the audition sites.  

All audition candidates participate in an abbreviated ballet class and learn a jazz and/or modern combination. (Tap is assessed once a student is accepted to the program during the freshman/transfer orientation.) Additionally, a rhythmic skills evaluation is given for placement purposes only. 

After the technical segment of the audition, auditionees who have demonstrated proficiency in at least one area are asked to present a solo dance. The solo is to be 1-2 minutes in length in the dance styles of her/his choice, i.e. ballet, modern, or jazz; it need not be choreographed by the applicant. Following the solo, candidates have a private interview with members of the dance faculty.

The dance audition is a full day event and students should plan to be in New York City all day.

More information is available upon request from the Dance Department


“I certainly miss the community of school, but I’ve realized that it will never disappear. I’ve been spending time with Catie, having wonderful callbacks with Mia, and dancing with Cameron Burke for Chase [Brock’s] company (who graduated before I even began at MMC). The MMC community is alive and thriving within the dance community. In fact, … I randomly met a fantastic woman named Jen Abad. After we had been talking about other random things, I came to find out that she was an MMC alum class of ’01 and that she owns a studio in Bay Ridge. I began to tell her all the amazing things I was able to do at school, the advancements that have happened over the years, and how it molded me into the person I am today. And now she’s offering me to come and teach at her studio! What a small world, eh?? I’ve realized that I not only have the support of the community I graduated with, but also all of the dancers that have come from [MMC] before me. It is truly a magical place that [has been] built, and I’m so proud to be an alum.”
- Mark Osmundsen ’13