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Department of Dance

BA Degree

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance offers interdisciplinary studies of dance in dialogue with, or congruent to, concert dance. 

BA candidates are given a solid foundation in dance technique and a balanced approach to course work to facilitate the four concentrations in Teaching Dance Arts; Dance Studies; Body, Science, & Motion; and Dance & Media.


The curriculum is comprehensive, forward thinking, and pragmatic in its approach to future studies and careers in dance related fields. It is non-performance based and has the flexibility to meet the needs of dance students, dance professionals seeking a degree, and those interested in pursuing a minor or double major in a related field.

*Students must complete one of the following four concentrations along with the core
BA requirements:

Meghan Rose Murphy '12, Photo by Luisa Matalucci '13Meghan Rose Murphy '12, Photo by Luisa Matalucci '13

 “The opportunities I had in the Dance Department allowed me to develop, challenge and experiment with my ideas as an artist while also making connections in the industry…”

  - Meghan Rose Murphy, BA ’11