Classical ballet training is the primary focus of this concentration with emphasis placed on proper use of turnout, alignment and development of strength.

The curriculum is broad-based in its training, encompassing the traditions of, but not restricted to, R.A.D., Vaganova, Cecchetti, the French School and others. Current methods of movement analysis are critical to the knowledge of this technique so that students move beyond learning by imitation and deeper understanding is attained.

Classes en pointe actualize the technique and are a focus of this concentration, and Men’s Class devotes itself to the technical skills required of male dancers.

Quality of movement as a platform for artistic expression is honed in the advanced levels, while special attention is paid to maintaining the integrity of the technique throughout the curriculum.


Ballet (by placement) 6
Special Topic of Related Interest*   1
Pointe (for women only, by placement, 1 credit each) or                
Men’s Class (for men only, 1 credit each)
Total Credits 9


*Examples of Directed Study: Men’s Class, Partnering, African, Acting for Dancers, Modern - technique other than already offered, and/or Pilates.