Department of Dance

Dance Studies

The BA Dance Concentration in Dance Studies equips students with a detailed knowledge of dance practices and theories across a range of social, historical, cultural, economic, political, and artistic contexts.

It fosters a thorough understanding of selected theoretical debates and issues that are pertinent to the study of dance in order to provide students with creative, compositional and performance strategies for the production, analysis and documentation of dance.

Students will learn to select and manage relevant source materials from which they can analyze, interpret and synthesize research findings. Students will also be able to critique, construct and embody ideas through oral, literary, electronic and performance modes.



ART 252 Survey of Western Art II 3
DANC 351 Dance Composition I 3
DANC 261 Intro to Movement Analysis & Notation 3
DANC 291 Music for Dance 3
DANC Appropriate Course from another BA Concentration                                    3
DANC 458 Criticism Writing Workshop 3
 One of the following:  
DANC Movement, Media, Theory 3
THTR 475 Avant-Garde in Art, Film & Performance 3
Total Credits 21