A Letter From the Gala Chair


Greetings, Friends of Dance!

It is my honor, both as Gala Chair and as a Marymount Manhattan College (MMC) alumna celebrating my tenth reunion this year, to cordially invite you to MMC’s annual Dance Gala on May 11, 2018. I hope you will join us as President Kerry Walk, the Department’s Advisory Board, faculty, students, and alumni come together to celebrate the College’s esteemed Dance Department and the close of another inspiring season.

This year, the incredibly talented students of MMC’s Dance Department will take the stage in the Theresa Lang Theatre to perform works by visiting choreographers Gerald Arpino, Robert Battle, Jacqulyn Buglisi, Loni Landon, and Maria Torres. As a graduate of MMC’s BFA program, I know first-hand how vital visiting choreographers were to my development as a dancer and performer, challenging my technique, artistry, and performative abilities in important ways. The annual Dance Gala is key to making these opportunities possible for students each year, and I hope you will join us in raising a glass in celebration of the ongoing excellence of this department.  

As I reflect on the ten years since my graduation, I look back with appreciation on the fantastic leadership and personal growth I experienced as a student in the Dance Department. The teaching faculty’s rigorous support of students’ roles in the full spectrum of the dance and performing arts community was paramount to my success and direction post-graduation. I hope that you, my fellow alumni, will join me in supporting the important work this institution is doing for dance students, both during and after their time at MMC. 

Your attendance at this year’s Gala directly impacts the College’s ability to enhance the quality of education provided for all MMC dance majors in the next academic year and for years to come.  Offering students unique learning experiences with industry greats, including the five choreographers for this year’s Gala, is just one way in which your dollars support the next generation of artists, and is only made possible with the support of each of us in this community.

With gratitude for your engagement, support, and dedication to the field of dance, I look forward to celebrating with you on May 11th.

Sincerely yours,

Alison Manning ’08