The Program

In the English and World Literatures major, we believe that language has aesthetic value and power across genres, histories, and cultures. We provide students with opportunities to critically and thoughtfully engage world literary voices and to develop a range of essential intellectual and professional skills.  We believe in the power of literature to transcend differences, to invite empathy with others, and to prepare individuals for the unique challenges of global citizenship in the 21st  century.

Our Concentrations

In their world literature courses, students are invited to draw connections to other creative fields—art, dance, music, and theatre—as well as subjects that inform both writers and readers: social justice, economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. In other words, like the literature that they read, our students’ studies never exist in a vacuum. We stress critical reading and writing, developing skills that will serve students well in any professional capacity from law to journalism.

In our creative writing courses, students study and practice poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in a comprehensive fashion. They utilize their capacity to analyze and examine their own writing in a self-reflective manner while learning the importance of drafting and revision. Through these processes, students learn to work collaboratively in a community of writers, giving and receiving feedback on their work-in-progress in professional-style workshops. Students also work on the school’s literary magazine, The Carson Review.

The literature and media concentration extends students writing, analytical and research skills to understand and interpret various media, including film, television and new technology. Students interested in these areas, as well as long-form journalism and the growing field of digital humanities, will find their academic home here.  The concentration culminates with students producing a senior seminar project that blends the core skills of an EWL major with skills that will prepare them for a host of career options across a range of sectors in technology and the media.