Preparing for After MMC

As an English & World Literatures major, you will be well prepared for numerous options after you graduate — from graduate school to careers in a wide range of professions. 

But don’t take our word for it.  Check out these recent articles:

“The hottest job skill is…” from CNNMoney

“Why Teach English?” from The New Yorker

“Why I Hire English Majors” from The Huffington Post

“An English Degree Can Translate Into Opportunity” from the Washington Times

“Broad Education Vs. Industry-Specific Skills” from Inside Higher ED

“Are There Jobs for English Majors?” at

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“Why the tech world highly values a liberal arts degree” from The Washington Post

High-earning Humanities degrees from Yahoo Finance

“Hunting for Soft Skills…” from The Wall Street Journal

And the “For English Majors” blog

And, for even more evidence, consider some of our recent alums…. 
Interested in graduate school?  You can add your name to this list of EWL alums:

Meghan Quinlan received her Ph.D. in Critical Dance Studies

Cameron Kelsall is pursuing his Ph.D. in Creative Writing

Tammie Peterson earned her Masters in English

Julia Paglieri earned her Masters in English

Amanda DiLodovico earned her Masters in Performance Studies

Louise Martarelliano earned her Masters in Publishing through our Joint Program with Pace University

Alex Dill earned her Masters in Creative Writing and Gender Studies

Katie Coyle earned her MFA in Fiction

Jay Lemire is pursuing his Masters in the History of Material Culture

Danielle Elizabeth Chin earned her Masters in Creative Writing 


Interested in law school?  You can add your name to this list of EWL alums:

Elizabeth Tobio earned her law degree from the University of Pennsylvania

Ginger Kimler earned her law degree at the University of Oregon

Ryan Lawlor earned his law degree at St. John’s University

Tom Fabricio earned his law degree at Nova Southeastern University