The Major

The English and World Literatures major understands the power of the written word across genres, histories, and cultures.

A Program Tailored to Your Interests

You will find classes on Chaucer and Shakespeare, but you could also take courses on Caribbean or African literature, writing creative nonfiction, and the films of Pedro Almodovar over the course of your college career. Individualize your curriculum through independent studies. Broaden your global perspective through study abroad. Many students double major or minor at the college, finding that the skills gained in EWL extend to all their academic and creative pursuits.

Choose among three concentrations:

Well-Rounded, Advanced Experience

As an upper level student, you may serve as a Teaching Apprentice in a lower level course, assist a professor as a Research Apprentice, or even pursue our joint BA/MS in publishing program with Pace University to get an early start on your career. You may also choose to join the editorial team of the Carson Review, our literary magazine, or The Monitor, the school newspaper.


Attention to career development is integrated into our curriculum: develop critical readingwriting, research, and thinking skills essential for success not only in your academic work but also in your professional lives beyond the classroom.  

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