Our Alumni

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Below is a little bit about some of our students, current and alum, and what they’re doing in the world today.

  • Class of 2017, Double-Major in Philosophy and English and World Literatures

    “The words for Emily were relatively easy to choose, given her passion for life, literature, and learning. Dante, from Canto 27 of Purgatorio in the Divine Comedy, offers some of the best parting words ever from a teacher to a student: “[We the faculty have] brought you here through intellect and art;/from now on, let your pleasure be your guide;/you’re past the steep and narrow paths…. Await no further word or sign from [us]:/your will is free, right, and whole—to act/against that will would be to err: therefore/[we] crown and miter you over yourself.”

    -Dr. Bradley Herling

  • Class of 2016, Major in Religious Studies

    “Majoring in Religious Studies gave me a rich and thorough understanding of world movements throughout history. Armed with theoretical knowledge, and a deep appreciation for what makes people tick, believe in something greater than themselves, I can truly say my experience at MMC prepared me for what is now a very successful career in movement building and in the non-profit space in 2018. Not a day goes by that I don’t phrase things, understand things, or talk about things the way that I did in my Religious Studies courses. Religious Studies at MMC has helped me pave my own way in a field heavily saturated with smart, talented, and intersectional people.”

  • Class of 2014, Major in Philosophy

    Christian wanted to make philosophy more accessible so he worked with faculty member Carrie-Ann Biondi and developed Cogito, the world’s first philosophy card game. It’s a cross between Uno and games like Magic: The Gathering. Christian wants everyone to “grow down” and think some great thoughts—through play. In 2015, Christian earned his MA in Philosophy at the University of Chicago. He is currently working towards his Ph.D. at the University of Memphis with a specialization in embodied cognition, narrative theory, and philosophy of dance.

  • Class of 2012, Major in Philosophy

    Alanna knew early on that she wanted to major in philosophy. When she applied to law school, it became clear that this was the right choice. Armed with the skills she learned in courses like Ethics, Logic, and Philosophy of Law, and the advice of faculty member Carrie-Ann Biondi—Alanna rocked the LSAT and got into nine law schools. She earned her Doctor of Law degree from Villanova in 2015. 

  • Class of 2015, Philosophy and Religious Studies major, Art History minor

    A world traveler who recently spent time in Istanbul and the U.K., Kline has a deep appreciation for the MMC faculty members who helped propel her career. “The kindness and guidance of Professor of Art History Adrienne Bell, Ph.D., is just one example of the school’s best advantage: small class sizes and caring professors, which results in great mentor relationships.”

  • Class of 2012, Major in Religious Studies

    While studying religion at MMC, Francesca wrote horoscopes for The Monitor, the College’s newspaper and started to fine-tune her own new age business. Since graduating, Francesca has made her business, Sister Fran Designs, a full time job and continues to write horoscopes for her local paper. Her degree in Religious Studies has greatly helped her with understanding the basics of different belief systems which has only improved her ability to market products with spiritual purpose. She now lives in Danvers, Massachusetts. Check out her website, Sister Fran Designs!

  • Class of 2012, Major in Philosophy & Religious Studies

    While she was studying religion at MMC, Hannah interned at Odyssey Networks, an organization that uses electronic media to enhance interfaith understanding. After graduating, Hannah spent twelve months in South Africa with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to learn, to educate, and to immerse herself in a different form of life. She now serves her community as a staffing consultant at Express Employment Professionals in Reading, Pennsylvania.