B.A. in History

History seeks to investigate the foundations of our contemporary world, with the understanding that modern problems and phenomena are the legacies of the past. The study of communities, cultures, societies, and civilizations demonstrate how change unfolds in different contexts, providing perspective to students interested in creatively changing the modern world.

ArchimedesThe History curriculum at MMC offers a unique approach, whereby students combine coursework in historical methodology—building skills in critical thinking, research, writing and argumentation—with their choice of a set of paired courses from across the College, allowing students to customize their academic experiences.


The History Major at MMC

  • Core History Module (HIST 213 Historical Themes and HIST 239 History Colloquium)
  • Six Modules of Two Courses Each - selected from over 20 areas of inquiry (12 courses total)
  • Capstone Experience - can include an extended research project as part of an upper-level course; a Capstone Seminar in a relevant discipline; or an Independent Study with a faculty member

With this flexibility, the possibilities abound! One History student might investigate gender in Medieval Europe, another may build courses around film history and African American culture, and a third might specialize in urban or consumer history.

St Patrick CathedralSupported by core faculty in History and historical experts at MMC, students are further encouraged to leverage the astounding historical and cultural resources of New York as they build their program and prepare for careers that solve contemporary problems—be that in nonprofit and government agencies, the arts and philanthropy, business, or through graduate work in the field of their choosing.


Areas of Inquiry

African History

African-American History and Culture

American History and Culture

Ancient History and Culture

Asian History and Culture

European History and Culture

Film History

Global History

Hispanic/Latin American History

History of Business and Advertising

History of Costume and Fashion

History and Culture of Dance

History and Culture of Music

History and Culture of New York City

History and Culture of Theatre

History of Gender and Sexuality

History of Race and Ethnicity

History of Religions

History of STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Legal History

Media History

 Medieval History and Culture
 Modern European Intellectual History 

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