B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Focus on what matters most to you. 

a program that’s all your own

Construct your own college degree at MMC with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies. Each IDS program is individualized, self-designed, and boundary-crossing—an exact fit for your interests. Create sound design with technical know-how and insights from the study of music and poetry. Make films about environmental sustainability, drawing upon your knowledge of science, history, and international development. Examine the psychology and sociology of fan fiction writers. The possibilities are endless. As an IDS major, you will work closely with a faculty team to assemble a program that is yours, and yours alone.

Becoming an IDS Major

Students that have completed more than 15 credits (and less than 45 credits), and have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to apply to the IDS major. The major can be declared at any time, including upon matriculation to the college.

To begin the application process, the student meets with the Program Coordinator to discuss areas of interest around which he/she might organize his/her program of study and to identify a possible faculty advisor.

Once a faculty advisor has been selected, the student works with him/her to identify two additional faculty members who will comprise the committee that will review and approve the student’s application, including the proposed topic and program of study. The student can then an application, including a written proposal explaining the topic that will guide his/her selection of courses and a preliminary program of study.

The committee reviews this application and may request revisions before approving it. Once approved, the student meets regularly with his/her academic advisor to review progress. In the event that the student (in consultation with his/her faculty advisor) decides to make significant revisions to the program of study, the student submits a revised proposal to the faculty committee that approved the initial plan.

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