Our Alumni

Recent graduates are currently working at the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, International Rescue Committee, US Foreign Service, Goldman Sachs, Clinton Global Initiative, Red Cross, Interpeace, ABC NewsCorp, Roosevelt Center, Office of Senator Charles Schumer, Peace Corp, Fair Trade USA, and many others.

  • Juanita Adames ’11

    “By far the largest lesson I learned from my time abroad is that humanity transcends nationality. I lived abroad for almost 2 years after graduation and so many Jordanians accepted me as one of their family. I am tremendously grateful for their friendship, support and love while I was abroad.”

  • Cathryn Adams ’12

    During her Study Abroad semester: “I feel so fortunate to be in the heart of the Middle East at such an important time in history. Working with The Jordan Times has been incredible because the media has been crucial throughout the Arab Spring, and Amman has provided me with a unique environment to study and live through this exciting period for the region.  I fell in love with Jordan when I was here last year and I simply could not stay away, especially with all the changes happening in the region. I am happy to have been able to call this place my home, and I know I will be back soon.”

  • Raghib Allie-Brennan '13

    “My four years at MMC not only prepared me for my career, it prepared me for life outside of my career. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences may be a minority department, but my professors have given me the knowledge and ability to hold my own in a world where my colleagues, bosses, and competition are Ivy League graduates.”

  • Matt Carroll ’17

    “My favorite part about studying abroad is the fact that I can be completely immersed in a culture that I don’t know at all, and soon enough I’m living life like the locals.” 

  • Emmy Dallas

    As a senior at Marymount Manhattan College, Emmy took part in the Rutgers United Nations and Global Policy Masters classes offered on campus for qualified students. Since graduating in 2016, Emmy has continued work on her Masters at Rutgers, earning her degree in May 2018 in Political Science and International Relations, with a concentration in United Nations and Global Policy Studies. 

  • Alexandra Devaris ’12

    After completing my Master of Science in Environmental Policy from University College Dublin, I am now working as both a Logistics Coordinator at Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, an international non-profit in Connecticut, and as an Environmental Assistant at Samsung.

  • Bridget Gormley ’13

    “What makes the International Studies program at MMC so unique is that it marries all the elements of the Social Science department.  The professors all work together to create a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students to see global affairs from all different perspectives.  In learning how to deconstruct and analyze international affairs, MMC’s IS department has taught me that the world systems are all part of the same intricate fabric. As a post-graduate, this has allowed me to see the core value of global issues, while also understanding all the elements in which they were created.  MMC’s IS department also takes full advantage of its locations.  Throughout my time as an IS student my professors took their students on field trips to the United Nations, lectures at other universities and to the countless NGO’s located in New York.  Needless to say, the IS department and all the professors were extremely helpful and persistent in placing their students in internships where they could obtain value on-hands experience  in the international community.  The IS department not only prepared me for a career in the international forum, but also taught me what to expect and what was to be expected of me.”

  • Kiley Griffith ’13

    On her experience in South Africa: “I created activities that promoted critical thinking skills, team building, and English proficiency. As you can see in the pictures, I also created a danced-based program for children (ages 2-5) in “creche” or preschools in two communities within the township, Khayelitsha.”  

  • Joseph Liner ’13

    “It’s astounding how such a small program in a school that is strongly devoted to performing arts could have such an outstanding array of talented teachers and students! No less than three of my professor used to work directly for the United Nations (and I attended two conferences there myself with them)! Every day I spent in class at Marymount was truly an eye-opening learning experience, and I found my abilities and my worldview challenged constantly.

    After four years I felt completely transformed and ready to take on the real world. Our professors worked with us closely to encourage our unique interests and skills, and helped us become better students every step of the way. Every professor I had was 100% devoted to their students, and I never felt as if I couldn’t ask for help or ask questions about the coursework or material.

    I also found that the resources available at Marymount- including the wide variety of mandatory electives- really rounded out my thought process and taught me where my key strengths lie. Taking on internships and studying abroad as well were the most important things I did; they provided real world experience and something to put on a resume before I even graduated. Marymount truly is a place where you are allowed to take your education in your own hands and make the most of everything the school has to offer. Our professors in the International Studies, Social Sciences, History, etc. departments are creative, smart, and world-class educators. If asked to do it over again, I would absolutely still choose Marymount Manhattan College.”

  • Julietta Lopez ’12

    During her senior year at MMC, Julietta interned with the Office of Senator Charles E. Schumer here in New York City. After graduation, she continued her work as Constituent Liaison for the Senator while simultaneously pursuing her Master of Arts in Management and Urban Policy in International Affairs from the Milano School of International Affairs at the New School. She currently serves as Senator Schumer’s Deputy Director of Engagement in Washington, D.C.  

  • Alicia Velez '16

    Class of 2016’s Alicia Perez has served as Attorney General Maura Healey’s Scheduling and Advance Coordinator since September 2017. Prior to that, she worked on the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Government and Community Relations team as an NYC Urban Fellow. Though no two days are exactly the same, her regular tasks include drafting speeches and correspondence, advancing her public appearances, and collaborating with the AG’s Chief of Staff, Director of Scheduling, Senior Advisor, and other members of the executive team to create all of AG Healey’s briefing materials for external events.

  • Deirdre Quinn ’17

    “I had a wonderful experience interning with the World Tourism Organization during the 71st session of the General Assembly. I was able to work with UNWTO on their draft resolution on sustainable tourism, as well as attend meetings of the second committee. Being a part of a specialized agency I had access to all UN meetings and in my free time I was able to attend meetings on issues that interested me on various issues such as the refugee crisis and women’s rights. I got first hand knowledge on the Sustainable Development Goals and now have a greater understanding of the work that goes on in the United Nations every day.”

  • Katelyn Sives ’13

    “Interning at Madre [an international women’s human rights organization] enabled me to work alongside human rights experts, gave me hands-on experience with online communications, and provided perspective as I plan for my future.” 

  • Sameera Uddin ’14

    “What excited me most about the IS/PS program at MMC is the dedication of the professors and the students at the department. When I was a freshman at College, I believed that a problem our generation was facing was ‘lack of curiosity.’ The IS program opened my eyes into the world of research and how we can use research to ask questions about the world in which we live in. My current work is a testament to that. The IS program allowed me to incorporate my own culture and ethnic background in my studies and reimagined the ideal culture of an undergraduate experience. The professors who served as mentors prepared me for any kinds of career, I wanted to pursue. The skills and experiences I have gained as a student in this program, enables me to translate what I have learned and share with those that I have left behind.”

  • Alvin Young ’14

    “My time in the Moroccan Sahara was the most peaceful experience to date.  Being in the desert allowed me to reflect on the journey that I was taking in Morocco.  Not knowing what was next, it was foolish to make predictions.  I had no concept of time; all I was sure about was that my presence was there in the desert and that was all that I needed to treasure.”