Asian Studies
With interdisciplinary and area studies approaches, the Asian Studies minor invites students to delve into the history, cultures, religions, arts, business, and economics of Asia. 

Home to more than half of the world population, Asia has a rich history and is increasingly playing a more important role in the contemporary world.

Students have the opportunity to design their own focus on a particular “path” of study, i.e., China, Japan, and South Asia. The curriculum leads students from two required introductory courses  (History/IS 232 and RS 120) to upper-level electives (9 of the remaining credits must be upper-level).

Internships and study abroad will also be recommended and rewarded with credits within the minor. 

Requirements for a Minor in Asian Studies

Required (6) 
HIST/IS 232 East Asian Civilizations 3
RS 120 Introduction to Asian Religions 3
Four of the following, two of which must be 300-level or
above and two of which must be from non-IS disciplines
HIST/IS 237 Modern East Asia 3
HIST/IS 238 Modern China 3
HIST/IS 239 Modern Japan 3
ART 270 Survey of Asian Art 3
RS 326 Buddhism 3
RS 327 Hinduism 3
PHIL 328 Chinese Philosophy 3
PHIL 329 Indian Philosophy 3
HIST/IS 372 Women and Family in Chinese History 3
HIST/IS 374 History of People’s Republic of China 3
THTR 465 Advanced Studies in Theatre: Asian Theatre 3
THTR 465 Advanced Studies in Theatre: Japanese Theatre 3
AIP 302 Chinese Culture Through Fiction and Drama 3
AIP 301 Ghost Stories and Fox Tales in Chinese Culture 3
EWL 420 Reading Contemporary India 3
Total Credits (18)
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