Department of
International Studies

Careers and Graduate School

 International Studies students go on to exciting careers upon graduation, in areas such as development, diplomacy, business, and human rights. Recent graduates are currently working at the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, International Rescue Committee, US Foreign Service, Goldman Sachs, Clinton Global Initiative, Red Cross, Interpeace, ABC NewsCorp, Roosevelt Center, Office of Senator Charles Schumer, Peace Corp, Fair Trade USA, and many others.

International Studies students have also been admitted to top graduate programs including:

  • Christopher Perre (2007),University of California, Berkeley
  • Neil Hussein (2007), Tufts University
  • Sarah Doolin (2007), New York University
  • Frederike Garre (2009),  The Geneva School of International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Shannon Thompson (2009), American University
  • Valerie Carmel (2011), Latin American University of the Social Sciences
  • Alyssa Taylor  (2012), London School of Economics
  • Alexis Devaris (2012), University College Dublin
  • Jenny Cahak (2012),  University of Amsterdam
  • Julietta Lopez (2012), The New School
  • Aaron Loor (2013), Georgetown University
  • Sameera Uddin (2014), Columbia University
  • Margaret Gallagher (2015), Johns Hopkins University
  • Ian O’Connor (2015), University of Edinburg


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