The strength of Marymount Manhattan’s International Studies program lies in being in a small college located in the Global Hub of New York City, where students can truly engage the world.  The College is uniquely situated on the Upper East Side of New York City, within walking distance to the United Nations and other major international institutions. 

As students take coursework in the areas of global politics, human rights and development, and area studies, they have the opportunity to engage in internships with international organizations such as the United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton Foundation Global Initiative, Urban Justice Center, Red Cross, MADRE (international women’s human rights),  and the Participatory Budgeting Project, among many others. For International Studies students, internships with international organizations are crucial components in their learning and career preparation.


International Studies Red Cross Program

The International Services division of the New York City Red Cross works with refugees in all five boroughs of the City, to help them reconnect with family in regions of the world from which they have fled. Every fall, spring and summer, two International Studies students intern with the International Services division to aid refugees based in NYC to find family members and to set up their lives in the United States.  In the Spring semester, leaders from the Red Cross come to MMC to address and engage with International Studies students.

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