The Major

The International Studies Program trains scholar-practitioners to work effectively with the major cultural, political, and economic issues of our time.  The course of study is anchored in the critical and creative investigation and practice of development, human rights and global cooperation. Students engage with multiple and cross-cultural perspectives through coursework, internships and research, to comprehend contemporary issues from global, regional and local viewpoints.

Rutgers United Nations and Global Policy MA Courses

Qualified seniors may elect to enroll in MA courses offered by the United Nations and Global Policy Program at Rutgers University.  These classes are held on the MMC campus, and open the universe of Masters level work to undergraduate students. 

Major International Studies: 51 Credits

General Education: 42 Credits
Major: 51 Credits
Elective Credits: 27 Credits


Social Science Core: (6)
IS 207 World Geography 3
HIST/IS 218 Making of the Modern World
or SOC 330 Great Social Thinkers
International Studies Core: (15) 
IS/PS 109 International Relations 3
IS/ECO 150 Economy, Society and the State
or IS/ECO 210 Macroeconomics
IS/PS 231 Comparative Politics 3
IS/ECO 214 Global Economy 3
IS 479 International Studies Seminar 3
Six of the following: (18)
IS 311 Democracy and Its Critics 3
IS 305 Politics of Developing Nations 3
IS/ECO 306 Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment
IS/PS 307 Government and Politics in Russia and Eastern Europe
IS/HIST 309 Twentieth Century Europe 3
IS 313 Global Issues: Conflict Resolution 3
IS/PS 315 International Law 3
IS/ECO 317 International Economics 3
IS 343 Population and Development 3
IS/ECO 334 Gender and Development 3
IS/HIST 346 The Middle East in the 20th Century 3
IS/ECO 350 Comparative Economics 3
IS/PS 356 War and Peace 3
IS/HIST 372 Women and Family in Chinese History 3
IS/HIST 374 History of the People’s Republic of China 3
Foreign Language 12

Students are required to complete four college-level courses (through intermediate level II) in a foreign language, unless comparable proficiency is demonstrated. Internships are highly recommended.

Total Credits 51

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