Law and Ethics

Law school is a gateway to prosperous, fulfilling careers in the justice system, government, business, public policy institutes, think tanks, and many other areas. A prime location in New York City and our interdisciplinary curricular resources provide students with strong preparation for law school.

Learning Goals

Students who complete the Law and Ethics Minor will be able to:

  • Explain and apply basic concepts and distinctions in law,
  • Reconstruct and analyze formal arguments,
  • Create and evaluate arguments in written and oral forms,
  • Explain and analyze the structure and principles of the American political and legal system,
  • Explain, apply, and critically evaluate the use of ethical principles in the law,
  • Conduct qualitative and empirical research on legal issues.

Students are encouraged to visit the official website of the Law School Admissions Council, in conjunction with working closely with their Law and Ethics Advisor, as early as possible in their course of study in order to prepare properly for taking the LSAT exam and applying to law school programs.

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