Our Classes

Students are required to take a total of six courses (18 credits) that include three required introductory courses and advanced theory and content courses. Take a look at the list of courses offered under the Law and Ethics minor. 


Required Courses (9 credits)  
PHIL 103: Introduction to Ethics 3
PHIL 109: Introduction to Logic   3
PS 106: Introduction to U.S. Politics 3
Law in Context (3 credits)  
AIP 312: Great Trials of the Century (UP)
AIP 314: The Criminal Mind (UP) 3
AIP 336: The Politics of Abortion (UP)  3
AIP 345: Civil Rights (REP, UP)  3
EWL 322: Literature and Human Rights (IP, EP) 3
EWL 331: Literature and Revolution (CP, IP) 3
PS 324: Law, Government, and Politics in America (UP)  3
PS 317: Money, Sex, and Power (UP)  3
Law and Theory (3 credits)  
AIP 318: Foundations of Anglo-American Law (CP, IP)  3
PHIL 340: Ethics and Law (EP) 
PHR 310: Theories of Human Rights                         3
PS 402: American Constitutional Law (UP)  3
Experiential Learning and Methods (3 credits)  
ACCT 332: Forensic Accounting (EP)  3
 HIST/PHR 316: Archival Methods
PHR/PS 333: Mock Trial  3
PHR/PS/SOC 336: Playing Politics (EP, UP)  3
PHR/PS/SOC 371: Research Methods in Social Sciences 3
Internship 399/499 3
These courses may be substituted for requirements in the minor in consultation with the Program Coordinator:  
BUS 303: Business Law II (EP, UP) 3
COMM/JOUR 395: Media, Law, and Ethics (EP)  3
 IS/PS 315: International Law (IP)   3
IS/PS 357: Human Rights in Comparative Perspective (IP)   3