Mathematics, the science of patterns, is also the language of science; as such, it is a major part of a liberal arts education. The quantitative and analytical skills students gain in mathematics courses apply to future work in the sciences and in many other fields, such as economics and the social sciences. These skills are necessary to participate critically in our society and the world. All MMC students are required to take one college-level mathematics course.

Minor in Applied Mathematics

Total Credits: 15–16

Required Courses (12)
MATH 210 Calculus I 3
MATH 215 Applied Linear Algebra 3

MATH 224 Statistics


PSYCH 229 Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences

BUS 224 Statistics for Business

MATH 336 Modeling the Dynamics of Life 3
Select one of the following courses: (3–4)
MATH 209 Discrete Mathematics 3
MATH 211 Calculus II 3
MATH 230 Cryptography 3
AIP 321 Forensic Mathematics 3
PHR/PS/SOC 371 Research Methods in Social Sciences 4
Total Credits: 15–16