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Mathematics Requirements at MMC

Our liberal arts curriculum combines interdisciplinary coursework with the mathematical skillsets that will give you an edge in any profession, in any industry. 

Curriculum Requirements

Students at MMC have the following requirements in Mathematics, which should be taken within a student’s first 30 credits:

  • Prerequisite Requirement: MATH 109: Introductory Algebra, or exempt by placement
  • Foundational Mathematics Requirement:
    • MATH 113: Quantitative Reasoning or
    • MATH 129: Intermediate Algebra, or higher (Precalculus, CalculusI, etc.)

Important Note

  • Transfer students who enter MMC with college-level Mathematics transfer credits do not need to take another Mathematics course. You can check for this in the Evaluate Program option of MMC Connect.
  • Students who have placed out of MATH 109 may want to take a higher-level course than MATH 113 or 129. You will need to complete a pre-requisite waiver request and confirm receipt with Professor Lia Margolin, Ph.D.
  • Higher-level Mathematics courses (MATH 141 or higher) may satisfy the DS3 requirement but they cannot be used to double-dip with the Foundation Mathematics requirement.
  • Courses taken at another institution (accredited college) to satisfy Mathematics requirements must be approved by the Department of Mathematics. Online courses taken at another institution must have proctored cumulative final exams. The Department of Mathematics does not give permission to take the course outside of MMC if the same course is offered at MMC in the semester when it is requested.

Higher-Level Placement 

Higher-level placement is on a case-by-case basis. Test scores are viewable using the View Student Test Summary option of MMC Connect (use the highest score):

Math Test Code Minimum Score *New Minumum*
ACT Act Math 21 19
Old SAT SAT Math 500 480
New SAT(from 2016) SAT -R Math 530 510
Old MMC Math (sum of 2 scores) Math Placement plus Algebra placement (Ignore Algebra II score) Total of 46 44
MMC Accuplacer Quant. Reasoning, Algebra, Stats 263 250
Students need to meet at least one of the minimum scores. If you do not and would still like to place out of MATH 109, please  follow the instructions on the Math Placement Exam page here.



Lia Margolin, Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Mathematics