Environmental Studies Affiliated Faculty

As an interdisciplinary major, the Environmental Studies program includes faculty from assorted departments. The following full-time faculty teach courses in the major:

  • Ann Aguanno
    Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences
    Professor of Biology and Faculty Recruiter in Biology
  • Carrie-Ann Biondi
    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    Chair, Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies
  • Diana Epelbaum
    Director, Academic Writing Program
    Assistant Professor of Academic Writing
  • Andreas Hernandez
    Chair, Department of International Studies
    Associate Professor of International Studies
  • Prof. Leri at the Musée Curie, Paris
    Professor of Chemistry
  • Magdalena Maczynska
    Associate Professor of English and World Literatures
  • Philip Meyers, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics
    Professor of Mathematics
  • Erin O’Connor
    Associate Professor of Sociology
    Chair, Department of Politics and Human Rights