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Natural Sciences

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Behavioral Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental major combining psychology, biology, chemistry, math and speech language pathology and audiology. It is designed to promote an in-depth understanding of the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience. An emphasis on the practical applications of neuroscience to scientific, health, social, political, cultural and ethical issues will combine to provide insight for improving quality of life, especially for vulnerable populations.

Students completing this major, in conjunction with specific course requirements for individual programs will be prepared to pursue advanced degrees in neuroscience (Master’s, Ph.D., MD or JD (Neuro-Law)), baccalaureate careers, professional programs in neuroscience (e.g. clinical psychology, art /dance therapy) and related fields.  Consistent with the Marymount Manhattan College mission, a major in Behavioral Neuroscience will provide students with a multidisciplinary foundation allowing them to be competitive in professional academic programs, in addition to preparing students to be active participants helping to provide solutions to world issues under the purview of neuroscience.  

This major will begin in Fall 2017.

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Major: 45 Credits
General Education: 42 Credits
Elective Credits: 33 Credits

Required courses  
General Psychology II (PSYCH 102) 3
Principles of Chemistry (CHEM 103) 3
General Biology I (BIOL 220) 4
General Biology II (BIOL 222) 4
Cell and molecular Biology (BIOL 240) 4
Perception (PSYCH 241) 3
Developmental Neurobiology (BIOL/NEU 335) 3
Behavioral Neurosciences (PSYCH 333) 3
Statistics (MATH 224 or PSYCH 229) 3
Drugs and the Brain (CHEM/PSYCH 348) 3
* Research (Capstone) (NEU 497) 6
Electives (2 of the following) 6
Animal Behavior (PSYCH 379) 3
Acoustic Sensations (AIP 319) 3
Genetics (BIOL 425) 3
Psycholinguistics (SPCH316) 3
Physiology (BIOL 234) 3
Cognitive Psychology (PSYCH 359) 3
Abnormal Psychology (PSYCH 363) 3


*Please note all Capstone (Research/Internship)(499) must be pre-approved by the Major Coordinator or Division Chair.

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