Major: Public Health

The task of maintaining a healthy community, nation and planet is becoming ever more complex. A work force prepared to tackle these challenges in the 21st century is critical. In 2003, the Institute of Medicine, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that keeping the public healthy requires well-educated citizens in addition to public health professionals.  To that end, it was recommended that all undergraduates should have access to education in public health. The field of public health actually encompasses numerous disciplines aimed at improving population health and managing and tracking disease. Job opportunities are found in the public sector and government agencies, academia, non-profit organizations, as well as the private sector.  Further, a major in Public Health also prepares students for graduate study or immediate entry into a rapidly expanding field whose necessity is being increasingly recognized.  

This major will begin in Fall 2017.

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Major: 45 Credits
General Education: 42 Credits
Elective Credits: 33 Credits

Introduction to Public Health (PBH110) 3
Introduction to Epidemiology (PBH 210) 3
Introduction to Global Health (PBH 215) 3
Biological Basis of Public Health (PBH 310) 3
Health Communication and Promotion (COMM315/PBH315) 3
Nutrition (BIOL 116) 3
Statistics (MATH 224 or PSYCH 229) 3
Bioethics (BIOL 332) 3
Research or Internship (400 level) 3
ELECTIVES (18-19 Cr)  
(Bio/Psych area) (choose 3)  
General Chemistry I (CHEM 233) 4
Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (BIOL340/CHEM340) 4
Physiology (BIOL 234) 4
Nutrition and Health (BIOL 317) 3
The HIV/AIDS Epidemic (AIP 320) 3
Epidemic: The Dynamics of Infectious Disease (BIOL 322) 3
Current Issues in Women’s Health (AIP 325) 3
Health Psychology (PSYCH 243) 3
Human Sexuality (AIP 333) 3
Social Area (choose 3)  
Valuing Difference (SOC 204) 3
Women, Society and Culture (SOC 213) 3
Cultural and Social Change (SOC 361) 3
Race and Ethnicity (SOC 359) 3
Food Security (IS 320) 3

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