Minor: Chemistry

If you’re interested in medicine, health sciences, forensic science, art conservation, cosmetics, wine-making, food science, or molecular gastronomy, our chemistry minor is right for you.


Required Courses Credits
CHEM 233/234 General Chemistry I (plus lab)       4
CHEM 235/236 General Chemistry II (plus lab)     4
CHEM 317/318 Organic Chemistry I (plus lab)  5
Choose one of the following:
CHEM/ENV 105 Chemistry and the Environment 3
CHEM 120 Introduction to Forensic Science  3
CHEM 319 Organic Chemistry II       3.5
CHEM/PSYCH 348 Drugs and the Brain  3
CHEM 297/397/497 Research  3
Total Credits 16-16.5

NOTE:  Students majoring in Biology or Biomedical Sciences will need to take a minimum of 6 credits in Chemistry in addition to the CHEM courses required for their major.  Research (CHEM 297/397/497) is encouraged to fulfill this requirement.

For more information on the Chemistry minor, contact Prof. Sampoli or Prof. Leri.

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