Minor: Neuroscience

Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary study of the nervous system and behavior. The Neuroscience at MMC integrates information from different disciplines, such as psychology, biology, and chemistry.

This minor gives students the opportunity to explore some of the most intriguing questions about behavior and science. This minor can be fulfilled with a psychology or biology major, which offers an excellent foundation for admission to graduate or professional programs, mainly for careers involving research, teaching, and medicine.

For more information on the Neuroscience minor, contact:

Deirtra Hunter-Romagnoli, Ph.D.,

Coordinator: Neuroscience Minor,

Assistant Professor of Psychology.


Requirements for a minor in Neuroscience

Required Courses: Credits
Bio 220 General Biology 1 4
Bio 234 Human Physiology 4
Psych 333 **Behavioral Neuroscience 3
Psych/Chem 348 Drugs and the Brain 3
Elective courses (Choose one of the following; NOTE-Research, internship and independent study courses must receive approval from the neuroscience coordinator before registration to count towards the minor).
Psych / Biol 397 or 497 Research  (3) 3
Psych /Biol 399 or 499 internship (3) 3
Psych / Biol 399 or 499 Independent Study (3) 3
Psych 241 **Perception  (3) 3
Psych 359 *Cognitive Psychology  (3)  3
Psych 379 *Animal Behavior (3) 3
Total Credits 17


If a course required for the Neuroscience minor is also required for the student’s major, the student must choose an alternative course outside their major. If this is the case students should consult with the neuroscience coordinator to ensure the appropriateness of the course substitution and then get approval from the Chair of the Science Division.

*    Psych courses that have one asterisk beside them have a prerequisite requirement of Psych  101 or Psych 102.

**  Psych courses with two asterisks beside them have a prerequisite requirement of Psych 102.

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