Thesis Track

An optional Thesis Track is available to all Biology and biomedical Sciences majors.

Requirements for graduation with a thesis (for deadlines, see the Thesis Calendar):
  • Students must obtain the approval of their research advisor, who must be a member of the Natural Sciences faculty.
  • Student must be a Biology or Biomedical Sciences major in good standing (meeting the GPA requirements for the major).
  • Student must generate a proposal for a novel research project in conjunction with a thesis advisor* and submit it for approval by the Department of Natural Sciences Thesis Committee consisting of the thesis advisor and the second reader (“the Committee”).
  • Student must conduct three consecutive semesters of Natural Sciences research (may include a summer) unless the Committee approves otherwise in writing.
  • Student must enroll in Science Research 297, 397, and 497 (BIOL, CHEM, or PHYS designation depending on area of research) and pursue research-related activities for at least 9 contact hours per week.
  • Student must present their research findings at a minimum of two conferences (chosen in consultation with their thesis advisor), one of which may be held on the MMC campus.
  • Student must write a thesis which is approved by their thesis advisor and reviewed by at least one reader from the Committee.
  • Student must successfully present and defend their thesis to the Committee; this presentation should be public and open to the MMC community.
  • Student may conduct research on the MMC campus or at an off-campus location approved by the Committee.
  • Off-campus research projects must additionally include: A) a progress report submitted each semester from the approved off-campus thesis advisor; and B) a Committee member as a Reader of the thesis.
  • Student must take AT LEAST ONE of the Biology capstone courses (BIOL 425 or BIOL 441) required for the major at MMC.

* Thesis Advisor must be a FT faculty member of the Natural Sciences Department or else be approved in writing by the Committee.

A student who successfully completes the thesis track will have this acknowledged on his/her College transcript.