Minor Programs

Several minors at MMC complement the Politics and Human Rights program. These programs sharpen your passion, add to your expertise, and give you an edge in the work force. Isn’t that what college is all about?

Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

The Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) minor utilizes feminist, constructivist, and queer approaches, and allows students to explore the impact of social, cultural, political and economic phenomena on the production and maintenance of sexuality and gender.

History Minor

From ancient Rome and medieval Europe to modern America and China, we look at the political, economic, and cultural movements that have shaped world history and continue to impact today’s global community. Our electives allow you to explore different parts of the world or eras in more depth while investigating themes that remain relevant today, such as religion, race, gender, consumerism, and civil rights.

Justice Studies Minor

By the time they graduate, minors in Justice Studies are able to identify and explain the common philosophical, economic, cultural, political and social conceptualizations of justice in Western society; analyze and critically evaluate arguments concerning justice; and articulate contemporary controversies concerning justice and injustice in Western society.

Political Science Minor

The study of policy and politics can complement almost any field. Political Science minors are asked the questions: What is control, and who has it? How do cultural systems reveal power and its abuse? Why advocate for civil rights and the environment? Are you curious for the answers?

Social Work Minor

Social workers aim to maximize the functioning of individuals, families, groups and communities and to be ethically and culturally astute. Students are encouraged to think about the multiplicity of factors that cause human behavior. They are trained to recognize and value people’s strengths and to view problems within the contexts of both interpersonal and social dynamics.

Sociology Minor

Studying people and culture can be a critical complement to almost all areas of study. With a minor in Sociology, our students learn how inequality and discrimination block the road to justice. This knowledge is the substance of a sociology committed to harmony across challenging social differences such as sexuality, race, or, religion.

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