Justice Studies Minor

The minor in Justice Studies is designed for students interested in understand the theoretical foundations, practical implementations, and resulting consequences of justice in contemporary Western society.

The internal logic of the minor requires that students progress from required core courses at the 200-level to more specialized, discipline-specific courses at the 300 and 400-level courses. Students from any major may pursue the Justice Studies minor. 

Learning Goals:

  • Identify and explain the common philosophical, economic, cultural, political, and social conceptualizations of justice in Western society;
  • Analyze and critically evaluate arguments concerning justice; and
  • Articulate contemporary controversies concerning justice and injustice in Western society. 


Required Courses  
SOC/PS 107 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
PHIL 261 Political Philosophy 3
Students must take a minimum of four (4) courses from the following at least three (3) of which must be at the 300-level or above:  
SOC 201 Criminology 3
RS 220 Religion and Politics 3
PSYCH 250 Introduction to Forensic Psychology 3

PHIL 287 Philosophy of Law

JS 390 Special Topics in Justice Studies 3
SOC 332 Sociology of Surveillance 3
IS 320 Food Security 3
PS 324 Law, Government, and Politics in America 3
PS 337 Crime and Society 3
SOC 342 Social Movements, Protest, and Conflict 3
SOC 347 Politics, Power, and Society 3
COMM 395 Media, Law, and Ethics 3
RS 352 Religion and Social Justice 3
Total Credits 18



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