Forensic Psychology

The Forensic Psychology Minor at MMC provides students with the fundamental tools, enabling them to understand and critically assess important questions in regards to law and mental issues.

This minor gives students the opportunity to explore professional interests in many different fields, including forensic psychology, psychiatry, criminology, law, policing and corrections, police administration, FBI, research, education, and journalism. While most students major in psychology, students may also major in sociology or political science to complete the Forensic Psychology Minor.

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Required Courses: Credits
PSYCH 250 Introduction to Forensic Psychology 3
PS/SOC 107 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
PSYCH 350 Advanced Forensic Psychology
Psychology Segment (take one of the following) 
PSYCH 363 Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 499 or 399 Internship 3
PSYCH 499 or 399 Independent Study 3
Political Science/Sociology/Chemistry Segment (take one of the following) 
PS 324 Law, Government and Politics in America 3
PS 337 Crime and Society 3
SOC 204 Valuing Difference 3
CHEM 120 Introduction to Forensic Sciences 3
Students must take one additional course from either the Psychology or Political Science/Sociology/Chemistry segment above.
Total Credits 18

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