Our Alumni

Our alumni go on to a diverse array of careers and graduate programs. Meet them here!


  •  Amanda Anzovino 

    Class of 2019, Major in Psychology  ; Minor in Forensic Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

    “The Psychology Department at MMC is incredible! The professors are extremely encouraging and supportive. Conducting research with my professors and becoming a student leader through the Psychology Club has given me the experience needed to be successful for graduate school and my future career.”

  • Lauren Ashbrook ('19) 

    Class of 2019, Double Major in Psychology and Fashion Marketing  

    “I became a psychology major during my second year at Marymount and I was so amazed by all of the opportunities and support that is given by both professors and fellow students.”

  • Patrick Riley ('20) 

    Class of 2020, Major(s): Psychology and Public Health 

    “The Psychology Department at Marymount is an encouraging network of professors and students that allows you to develop a strong foundation and sense of exploration in the field of Psychology. The Psychology Department fosters an environment that allows students to engage in opportunities of research and internships in the setting of New York City and beyond!”

  • Petra and the MMC Psychology Club, with members of the Psychology department's faculty 

    Class of 2013, Major in Psychology

    “The Psychology Department at MMC is not a regular college department; it becomes your home. The department provides you with support, enthusiasm, encouragement, and above all, the most amazing opportunities to grow and gain a deeper understanding of your passions, as well as yourself.”