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Student Opportunities

Your education will not stop in the classroom. The city and the world become your lab when you can do internships, research, and independent studies. 

Our students present at regional and national conferences and publish in journals alongside their professors. They put their skills to practice in internships at institutions throughout the city. 


Intern at some of the top medical, social, or cultural institutions in New York.

Faculty affiliations with top teaching and research hospitals in New York City have enabled students to intern and conduct research with professionals at these and many other sites, such as the New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia Medical Center, the Forensic Psychiatry Clinic of the Brooklyn Supreme Court, Planned Parenthood, Mediamark Research, a therapeutic nursery of The Jewish Board of Children and Family Services, the Psychology Department at Columbia University, the Howard Haber School, the Office of the Kings County District Attorney, Kings County Hospital, Sesame Street, and the Mount Sinai Autism Seaver Center.

Research & Independent Study

The Marymount Manhattan Psychology Department faculty works closely with students to help them develop original research, either independently or in faculty-supervised research teams.


Students have had the opportunity to present their research at annual conventions of the Eastern Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, the Association for Psychological Science, and the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists. 



Faculty-student research reports have also been published in journals, such as the Academic Psychology Bulletin, the Journal of Social Psychology, Psychological Reports, and the Journal of Psychiatry and Law. In addition, Dr. Silton has supervised the publications of over a dozen Marymount Manhattan College students on subjects pertaining to Disabilities, Media and Creativity. 



Faces of MMC

  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/2796-lauren-ashbrook"><img src="/live/image/gid/110/width/215/src_region/2,3,243,244/19020_download.rev.1539198718.jpg" alt="Lauren Ashbrook ('19)" class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “I became a psychology major during my second year at Marymount and I was so amazed by all of the opportunities and support that is given by both professors and fellow students.”</p></div><div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/2796-lauren-ashbrook">Lauren Ashbrook</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2019, Major(s): Psychology and Fashion Marketing </p></div>
  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/2795-patrick-riley"><img src="/live/image/gid/110/width/215/src_region/13,251,222,460/19013_38872288_2096364567049984_6553944807490715648_n.rev.1539174382.jpg" alt="Patrick Riley ('20)" class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p class="p1"> “The Psychology Department at Marymount is an encouraging network of professors and students that allows you to develop a strong foundation and sense of exploration in the field of Psychology. The Psychology Department fosters an environment that allows students to engage in opportunities of research and internships in the setting of New York City and beyond!”</p></div><div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/2795-patrick-riley">Patrick Riley</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2020, Major(s): Psychology and Public Health </p></div>
  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/828-amanda-anzovino"><img src="/live/image/gid/110/width/215/src_region/0,0,350,350/18938_Unknown.rev.1537993699.jpg" alt=" Amanda Anzovino" class="lw_image" width="215"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “The Psychology Department at MMC is incredible! The professors are extremely encouraging and supportive. Conducting research with my professors and becoming a student leader through the Psychology Club has given me the experience needed to be successful for graduate school and my future career.”</p></div><div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/828-amanda-anzovino">Amanda Anzovino</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> Class of 2019, Major in <a href="/departments/psychology/requirements.php">Psychology</a> ; Minor in Forensic Psychology, Social Work, Sociology</p></div>