Many college and university theatre departments do not offer an opportunity to study Directing until the graduate level, but at MMC our Directing concentration is a vital part of our program.

Directing Project (Photo by Stefanie Flamm)Directing Project (Photo by Stefanie Flamm)

Our Directing students study the history of directing and learn to analyze texts, make conceptual choices and guide actors in the rehearsal process. Experiences as assistant directors for faculty and guest directed productions offer the opportunity to learn and gain practical knowledge.   

Most importantly, our student directors discover an artistic voice through direct work with actors not only in the classroom, but also in Directing Projects presented each semester in our Box Theatre as part of the Directing curriculum.

Directing Project (Photo by Stefanie Flamm)Directing Project (Photo by Stefanie Flamm)

Requirements for a Directing Concentration

(In addition to the Theatre Arts Core - 24-Credits)

THTR 211-212 Acting I
THTR 238 Stage Management I
THTR 343 Theatre Production Workshop
THTR 320 Dramatic Forms & Genres
THTR 385 Directing II
One of the following:
THTR 317 Design for Directors & Choreographers
MUS 216 Digital Sound Design
THTR 302a Scenic Design I
THTR 303a Costume Design I
THTR 304a Lighting Design I



 THTR 101 Theatre Games & Improvisation
 THTR 234 Theatre in Education & Community
 THTR 345 Introduction to Dramaturgy
 COMM 359 Directing Video
 THTR 366 Devising Performance Events
 THTR 378 Producing Performance 
 THTR 398 Puppetry
 THTR 406 Directing III