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Producing & Management students Chris Steckel '14 and Fiona Murray '16 (Directing P...Producing & Management students Chris Steckel '14 and Fiona Murray '16 (Directing Projects).Producing & Management offers students with a strong interest in developing producing and/or stage management skills an opportunity to study with New York theatre professionals, to stage manage main stage productions, to establish professional contacts, and obtain internships with New York City’s major producing organizations and theatres.

The inclusion of an internship is specifically designed to help students make the connection to a job network in New York City.

Over the course of their studies, students gain the progressive experiences of running and calling productions in performance in the Box and Theresa Lang theatres. Students take a full year of stage management courses so they are able to manage productions in various styles.

The course, History & Mission of Arts Institutions, provides an overview of how arts organizations are managed and funded in the US and, especially, in New York City. The Producing Performance course is designed to teach concrete skills and develop knowledge for producing not-for-profit productions: from small, independent first-time productions through establishing and incorporating a theatre company.

“Learning from professors who are also working theatre professionals afforded me hands on experiences…preparing me for an immediate career in the arts.”

 —Cati Pishal ’11 (Stage Manager, Sleep No More, NYC)


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  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/3315-cati-pishal-11"><img src="/live/image/gid/95/width/215/height/215/crop/1/src_region/0,0,800,800/23128_Cati_Pishal_11.rev.1571851642.jpg" alt="Cati Pishal '11" class="lw_image" width="215" height="215" srcset="/live/image/scale/2x/gid/95/width/215/height/215/crop/1/src_region/0,0,800,800/23128_Cati_Pishal_11.rev.1571851642.jpg 2x, /live/image/scale/3x/gid/95/width/215/height/215/crop/1/src_region/0,0,800,800/23128_Cati_Pishal_11.rev.1571851642.jpg 3x" data-max-w="800" data-max-h="800"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “<em>Learning from professors who are also working</em><em>theatre professionals afforded me hands on</em><em>experiences … prepared me for an immediate</em><em>career in the arts.”</em></p><p> – Cati Pishal ’11 (Production Stage Manager, <em>Broadway Asia</em> and <em>Sleep No More</em>, NYC)</p></div><div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/3315-cati-pishal-11">Cati Pishal ’11</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> 2011, B.A. in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Producing and Management</p></div>
  • <span class="lw_profiles_image" style="float: left;"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/profiles/3313-aaron-glick-06"><img src="/live/image/gid/95/width/215/height/215/crop/1/src_region/0,0,960,959/23121_Aaron_Glick_Tony_Night.rev.1571766650.jpg" alt="2019 Tony winner for Best Revival of a Play, as a Producer of The Boys in the Band!" class="lw_image" width="215" height="215" srcset="/live/image/scale/2x/gid/95/width/215/height/215/crop/1/src_region/0,0,960,959/23121_Aaron_Glick_Tony_Night.rev.1571766650.jpg 2x, /live/image/scale/3x/gid/95/width/215/height/215/crop/1/src_region/0,0,960,959/23121_Aaron_Glick_Tony_Night.rev.1571766650.jpg 3x" data-max-w="960" data-max-h="959"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_profiles_103 styled-link"><p> “<em>I moved to New York wanting to be an actor,” he says. “MMC helped me realize that there were other careers in the theater. If not for the flexibility of MMC’s liberal arts programs, I would not have been able to make the transition from in front of to behind the curtain so easily or fruitfully.</em>”</p><p> – Aaron Glick ’06 (right) with his husband Nick Coburn (Aaron received the 2019 Best Revival of a Play Tony Award, as a Producer of <em>The Boys in the Band</em>.)</p></div><div class="lw_profiles_name"><a href="/live/profiles/3313-aaron-glick-06">Aaron Glick ’06</a></div><div class="lw_profiles_104"><p> 2006, B.A. in Theatre Arts</p></div>