Theatre Performance


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The Theatre Performance concentration emphasizes flexibility and opportunity in its approach to performance education and training.

It is especially suited to students pursuing the Musical Theatre program, and is an excellent concentration for transfer students, double majors, part-time students, and those seeking Prior Learning Experience credit.

Suzuki Physical Acting IntensiveThe focus of this concentration is on contemporary acting styles. It requires two years of acting courses that expose students to contemporary writers such as Neil LaBute, Tony Kushner, Naomi Wallace and August Wilson, and classic American writers like Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, and Lillian Hellman.

After these two years of required acting courses, students move on to elective acting courses such as Beyond Naturalism and Acting Solo, which explore a diversity of experimental styles, including performance art and self-created work; Special Topics in Acting with rotating courses in Advanced Contemporary Scene Study, Acting for the Camera, Clown Technique, Michael Chekhov, and Viewpoints, among others; Audition Techniques; and for students who seek exposure to the classics, Performing Shakespeare.

Columbinus, Susan Cook Photography Columbinus, Susan Cook PhotographyStudents are eligible to audition for faculty and guest directed main stage productions presented in the Theresa Lang Theatre. In addition, each semester there are casting opportunities in student directed Directing Projects as well as in student created independent projects. 


Requirements for a Theatre Performance concentration

(In addition to the Theatre Arts Core - 24-Credits)

THTR 202 & 203 Voice & Speech for the Actor I & II
THTR 211 & 212 Acting I
THTR 341 & 342 Acting II



THTR 101 Theatre Games & Improvisation
THTR 233 Theatrical Make-up
THTR 298 Studio Production Workshop
THTR 307 Dialects for the Stage
THTR 309 Voice & Speech Practicum
THTR 314 Special Topics in Acting: Acting for the Camera
THTR 314 Special Topics in Acting: Clown Technique
THTR 314 Special Topics in Acting: Commedia dell’arte
THTR 314 Special Topics in Acting: Viewpoints
THTR 315 Performing Shakespeare
THTR 318 The Business of Acting/Senior Showcase
THTR 334 Audition Techniques
THTR 343 Theatre Production Workshop
THTR 366 Devising Performance Events
THTR 370 Beyond Naturalism
THTR 378 Producing Performance
THTR 398 Puppetry