BFA in Acting

Reckless (Photo by Gerry Goodstein)Reckless (Photo by Gerry Goodstein)

The BFA in Acting major is an intensive program that prepares students for acting careers in the professional theatre both in New York and regionally. This major offers education and training in contemporary realistic acting and period styles, culminating Shakespeare training. Our BFA in Acting is a unique 60-credit hour BFA program. Most conservatory style BFA programs require 90-credit hours in theatre to receive the degree and thus are not able to offer the kind of liberal arts education that Marymount Manhattan provides to prepare students for the wide range of drama presented in the professional theatre.  

BFA in Acting majors are exposed to a wide variety of playwrights and acting styles throughout the four years of study:

Year #1: Contemporary Process and Technique.

Year #2: Rehearsal and Scene Study.

Year #3: Language and Style (19th Century European Drama and British Comedy of Manners)

Year #4: Shakespeare

Additionally, BFA in Acting majors take a full-year of movement for the actor and voice & speech courses.

The growth and achievement of students is monitored through scene work presented to the performance faculty during the 2nd year of study.

BFA in Acting students are required to audition for main stage productions presented in the Theresa Lang Theatre and for student directed Directing Projects.


THTR 110 Stagecraft
THTR 215 Script Analysis
THTR 202-203 Voice & Speech for the Actor 
THTR 211 & 212 Acting I
THTR 223-224 Movement for Actors
THTR 230-231 Theatre History
THTR 341 & 342 Acting II
Dramatic Literature Course 300/400 level
THTR 305 Elements of Directing
THTR 311 Shakespeare
THTR 352-353 Acting III
THTR 431-432 Acting IV
THTR 465 Advanced Studies in Drama & Theatre



THTR 101 Theatre Games & Improvisation
THTR 233 Theatrical Make-up
THTR 298 Studio Production Workshop
THTR 307 Dialects for the Stage
THTR 309 Voice & Speech Practicum
THTR 314 Special Topics in Theatre: Acting for the Camera
THTR 314 Special Topics in Theatre: Clown Technique
THTR 314 Special Topics in Theatre: Commedia dell’arte
THTR 314 Special Topics in Theatre: Viewpoints
THTR 318 Business of Acting/Senior Showcase
THTR 334 Audition Techniques
THTR 343 Theatre Production Workshop
THTR 366 Devising Performance Events
THTR 370 Beyond Naturalism
THTR 378 Producing Performance
THTR 398 Puppetry