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Future Students

Prospective students for 2017- 2018

Audition information for the upcoming year will be posted in august and audition sign ups will start on september 1st.

please stay tuned!



Prospective students and transfers, MUST start their application to the college via the MMC application or the Common Application first, BEFORE they can schedule an audition or interview.Your admissions file for the College does not need to be completed with transcripts, test scores, and recommendations, but the application must be received for a prospective student to schedule an audition/interview for Theatre Arts


Audition Dates: New York City

(For Acting, Theatre Performance, Musical Theatre and Directing. NO PRE-SCREEN required UNLESS all audition dates a booked and you want a spot on a waitlist.)

  • 2017-2018 dates coming soon!


(For Design and Technical Production and Producing & Management ONLY)

  • 2017-2018 dates coming soon!

Audition Dates: Regional

(PRE-SCREEN REQUIRED. For BFA in Acting, BA in Theatre Arts with a Theatre Performance concentration and Musical Theatre ONLY.)

  • 2017-2018 dates and locations coming soon!


  • Theatre Arts applicants must interview or audition with the Theatre Arts faculty to be admitted into the BFA in Acting or BA in Theatre Arts concentrations in Theatre Performance, Directing, Design & Technical Production, or Producing & Management, as well as the Musical Theatre Minor. 
  • Applicants interested in the BA in Theatre Arts major with concentrations in Performance & Digital Media, Writing for the Stage, or Theatre History & Performance Texts do not require an interview for acceptance.  Any student admitted to the College academically may declare a BA in Theatre Arts major with a concentration in any of the above areas.  If a student would like to be considered for a Theatre Arts Award in one of the above areas, they are required to upload materials to their Admissions Portal.  In some cases, a follow up phone interview may be required.  These programs are an excellent complement to the College’s Business, English, History, and Communications Arts majors, should a student wish to consider a double major.

For all prospective freshmen and transfers, once you have submitted your Application for Admission, you will have access to the Theatre Audition Form on your Admissions Portal. Here you will be able to select and audition/interview date.

You are not required to submit all transcripts, test scores, and recommendations to gain access, just the Application itself.

You DO NOT need to submit pre-screen materials for an NYC audition/interview, unless all audition/interview dates are booked and you would like to be put on a waitlist.

Once you receive an audition confirmation, you will receive further information about what to prepare and the format of the interview/audition.  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS UNTIL YOUR AUDITION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED.

All prospective students and their families are invited to attend the information sessions about our Theatre Arts programs that are offered at each of the Saturday interview/audition dates. At these sessions faculty present an overview of the College and Theatre Arts programs, and answer your questions.

Prospective students for the concentrations in Design & Technical Production and Producing & Management are interviewed by faculty on Fridays, the day before scheduled Saturday interview/audition dates. 


Students applying only for the BFA in Acting, BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Theatre Performance and Musical Theatre can audition at one of our regional sites. In order to be considered for a regional audition slot, a student must first submit pre-screen materials through their Admissions Portal.

Once the faculty has reviewed your pre-screen material, applicants will be notified as to whether they will be granted a regional audition.  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS UNTIL YOUR AUDITION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED.  In your confirmation letter for your off-campus interview/audition you will be notified as to how those interview/audition days will be conducted. 

As required for on-campus auditions, all prospective freshmen and transfers must have submitted your Application for Admission with the college. The faculty will not review your materials for a regional audition, until you have started your college application.

Digital Audition

All applicants are strongly encouraged to interview/audition in person. If extraordinary circumstances prevent travel to New York City or a regional site, a digital portfolio may be submitted through their Admissions Portal.

As required for on-campus and regional auditions/interviews, all prospective freshmen and transfers must have submitted your Application for Admission with the college. The faculty will not review your materials, until you have started your college application.


Based on your audition or interview and your academic record and family need, Theatre Arts Awards may be awarded in both the BA in Theatre Arts and the BFA in Acting. Your admissions file to the College must be completed in the Admissions Office by March 17 to be considered for a Theatre Arts Award. Any admissions file completed after this date will be considered for a Theatre Arts Award based on remaining funds available. No additional written application is required for Theatre Arts Awards.


Students who were not accepted into the Theatre Arts programs after their first audition may audition one more time. Those choosing to re-audition must wait three full semesters after their initial audition before they can audition again. Students who were placed on the wait list and not offered admission follow this re-audition policy as well. This will be effective for students entering for Fall 2018.

Higher education opportunity program

Prospective Theatre students who are HEOP applicants are encouraged to apply to the HEOP program by December 15th and schedule their Theatre Arts audition/interview as early as possible.  For more information on the HEOP program, please refer to the HEOP page or contact Keith Windsor at 

If you have any questions about the Department of Theatre Arts or would like to schedule a class visit, please contact Kevin Kemler at 212-517-0514 or email him at .   You may also contact Theatre Recruitment and Admissions at 212-774-0767 or email us at  We look forward to speaking with you!