How to prepare for your audition?
Design & Technical Production and Producing & Management

Students should present portfolios, prompt books, photographs, drawings, models and other appropriate support materials. They are invited to attend Friday design and producing classes taking place after the interview, and may also attend the Theatre Arts information session on the Saturday afternoon of each NYC audition date, starting at 1pm.

Writing for the Stage, Theatre History & Performance Texts and Theatre & New Media

Prospective students in Writing for the Stage , Theatre History & Performance Texts and Performance & Digital Media are only required to submit materials if they would like to be considered for a Competitive Theatre Scholarship. Required materials should be uploaded to one’s Admissions Portal.  These applicants as well, are invited to the Theatre Arts information sessions held on the Saturday afternoon of each NYC audition date, starting at 1pm.


Prospective Directors should bring rehearsal scripts, prompt books, research, writing samples, photographs and other support materials. Students interested in Directing must participate in the Acting Audition (see requirements for acting audition below).

BFA in Acting 

Please decide by the day of your audition if you wish to be considered for only the BFA in Acting, only the Theatre Performance concentration of the BA in Theatre Arts, or for both programs.

Acting Auditions are conducted as a sample class and consist of three parts: a vocal and physical warm-up, presentations of prepared monologues, and an informal interview with the Theatre Arts faculty and other auditionees. Please dress nicely, but in attire in which you can move freely. Prospective students must present one 2-minute contemporary (written after 1945) monologue that best demonstrates their abilities.

Audition material must be selected from published plays; please do not audition with original material. Choose a monologue that you connect with personally and that demonstrates your abilities. Do not prepare monologues that are caricature or extremely broad comedy, or material that requires an accent. If you need suggestions, consult our list of recommended monologues or telephone Theatre Admissions at 212-774-0767 for advice. Pictures and resumes are highly encouraged, but are not required.

BA Theatre Performance & Musical Theatre

In order to be in the Musical Theatre program, one must audition for the BA in Theatre Performance as well. Therefore, please see the paragraph above for your monologue audition requirements.

At our on-campus auditions a short dance placement to assess your level of dance training will begin your audition day with us. Appropriate dance attire is expected for this portion of the audition. All applicants will have time to change into proper attire and warm-up prior to the start of the dance audition. Please note: those auditioning with us at a regional audition location, will not participate in a dance audition due to time and space limitations.

For the Vocal Portion of the audition, please prepare an up-tempo and a ballad from the standard musical theatre repertoire - no pop operas or rock tunes. Prepare both songs in their entirety, however, you will probably sing from only one. Knowing two complete songs means that you have more prepared if the faculty needs to hear additional material. Please prepare a 16 bar cut from each song. For sopranos, the 16 bar cut should show your best vocal range and personality, your “best self.” For belters, the 16 bar cut should show how high you can belt (your money note), and the choice should reflect your “best self.” Same for baritones and tenors, if you have two voices in which you can sing, we need you to prepare two songs. Although you need to know the two songs in their entirety, please realize that you will probably only present the prepared 16 bar cuts. An accompanist will be provided at both our on-campus and regional auditions.

The Musical Theatre Audition is not simply “testing voices” - we are looking at the entire performance of the selection (remember that acting counts!) An accompanist is provided; please bring sheet music. Audition tapes are not allowed. Students must be admitted to the BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Theatre Performance to pursue the Musical Theatre Minor.