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Love’s Labour’s Lost Digital Playbill

Love’s Labour’s Lost

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Carter Gill
Scenic Design by Rob Dutiel
Costume Design by Rebecca Ming
Lighting Design by Ray Recht*
Hair and Makeup Design by Mikayla Carleo
Properties by Ava Cintron
Production Stage Management by Timmy Costello
Original Music by Christine Riley

*member, United Scenic Artists Local USA 829


This show runs approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes including one 10 minute intermission. 



Love’s Labour’s Lost contains: themes of loss, death, grief and violence; sword fighting; comic violence; strong language and sexual jokes; blood; and flashing lights. 


Our company’s goal is to present to you a story, yes, about love and, as the title suggests, the grief of loss. We chose an academic setting during the late 1950s with all female and non-binary identifying lovers to highlight the risk and revolution that it takes to lead an authentic life in contrast to an accepted life. Our home team characters in Navarre take an oath to deny themselves physical pleasure and social freedom in an effort to focus on the betterment of their minds in an isolated academic setting, specifically from other women. The Queen of Navarre and her courtiers, traditionally played by men, have made a pact to refuse their bodies rest, food, and love in all of its forms; they, quite simply, do not know themselves and have chosen an inward retreat as their education. Their oath loses momentum as soon as the Princess of France and her ambassadors arrive to claim the land and money owed to the waning King of France. The feeling of falling in love moves the academic Court of Navarre toward the discovery that they stand to learn and grow more in relationship than they do in isolation. They are, in a sense, falling for people that they should not be falling for, according to their law, and it is changing the way they see the world. Their bodies, minds, and hearts cannot help but teach them more of what they need in a life than their scholarship and ambition do. Love’s Labour’s Lost is unlike any other Shakespeare comedy in that it doesn’t end in marriage, but in a promise and a hope. Bienvenue! Huzzah!

-Carter Gill 







Production Manager - Hannah Mason
Assistants to the Director - Maia Bershad, Imani Ligon-Chambers, Caroline Mack
Assistant Scenic Designer - Anastasia Georgiopoulos
Associate Costume Designer - Sarah Faehnle
Assistant Costume Designer - Kiki Sanchez
Assistant Lighting Designer - Michele Torres
Deck Stage Managers - Mary Barbaria, Ashlynn Baumgartner
Voice and Speech Coordinator - Jeff Morrison
Intimacy and Fight Director - Dan O’Driscoll
Scene Shop Supervisors - Cara Arbucci, Mimi Coventry, Ailey Finn, Andrew Maroney, Betty Schneider
Scenic Painters - Sydney Borislow, Jhona Coombs, Ava Cintron, Brian Monet, Jessica Turberville, Jude Stone, Anastasia Georgiopoulos, Mimi Coventry
Scenic Construction - Bobbi Baitey, Justine-Elise Beall, Christina Christofidou, Concetta Conrad, Sophia Cote, Bella Dorsett, Audrey Fick-Furlotte, Kelly Hood, David Kaag, Natalie Lacy, Kaitlyn Majewski, Lanes Miller, Leah Pagan, Ava Reistroffer, Brandon Snyder, Natalia Vela Galindo, Avani Venkat, Celeste Zwingel, Ella Vitrano, Genevieve Duska
Wardrobe Supervisor - Katie Brigman
Stitchers and Costume Builders - Grace Deadmore, Collin McElroy, Larissa Nothnagle, Hannah Sadler
Wardrobe Crew - Nyela Brown, Kaelie Goss, Nicole Macleod, Ella Martin, Ella Miller
Head Electrician - Ethan Foley
Light Board Programmer - Lily Koller
Light Board Operator - Chelsie Keyhea
Electricians - Kendall Becerra, Drea Campo, Ashley Gallo, Maureen Henshaw, Sianha Kertcher, Chelsie Keyhea, Braeden Kostusiak, Gigi LeClair, Vic Lister, De’Aundria Robertson, Trevor Ross, Max Rubrum-Schaffhauser, Izzy Spann, Monae´ Thomas, Charlie Trzell, Kirstin Walla, Taylor Woodruff, Ashlynn Baumgartner, Anastasia Georgiopoulos, Sara Hansen, Lily Koller, Lenora Longway, Penny White, Jhona Coombs, Serina Towns-von Stauber
Sound Board Operator - Railee Scott

Prop Fabrication - Seth Mazlin
Backstage Crew - Aidan Bohlander, Reece Dobbs, Lily Hayden, Delia Kravits
House Managers - Katie Meade, Kat Margaret Phifer
Front of House Crew - Jose Sanchez Acosta, Ella Blankinship, Emma Dias, Ryan McDonald, Julia O’Connor, Cassidy Smullen, Spencer Senzon, Sofia Storey, Michele Torres
Production Photographer - Carol Rosegg
Production Videographer - Alex Pearlman/Bardo Arts
Special Thanks to Richard Sheldon, Christopher Bayes, Shana Bending, Katie Brotherton, Shana Cooper, Amanda Gill, Blake Hackler, Baayork Lee, Ron Van Lieu, David Mold, Ellen Orenstein, Jill Stevenson, Tiffany Rachelle Stewart, Chariefe Taveros, Brandon Walker, Stanley Wojewodski, Jr., Islem Zouzou, Julia Cintron, The Costume Collection, Glen Scott Designs, Stiegelbauer Associates Inc.
Chair, Department of Theatre Arts - Jill Stevenson
Assistant Chair for Production Pedagogy, Department of Theatre Arts - Lori Ann Zepp
Operations Director, VPA - Katie Meade
Technical Director - Rob Dutiel
Assistant Technical Director - Courtney Ross
Theatre Technician - Millie Cowan
Costume Shop Supervisor - Cassandra Deveau
Costume Design Faculty - Vanessa Leuck
Lighting Design Faculty - Ray Recht
Stage Management Faculty - Lori Ann Zepp

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