Arts Management

The Arts Management program is designed to train students with business and/or arts backgrounds for entry and mid-level arts management positions.

The program covers cultural institution administration as well as the theoretical concepts and practical skills necessary for successful marketing, funding, programming, and management.

The Arts Management minor is a logical complement to a dance, acting, theatre, or art major because it builds on the academic knowledge and skills the students have acquired, while preparing them for additional employment opportunities.

Requirements for a minor in Arts Management

ART/DANC/THTR 290 History and Mission of Arts Institutions
ART/DANC/THTR 392 Fundraising & Marketing for the Arts
ART/DANC/THTR 348 Operations & Management for the Arts
ART/DANC/THTR 324 Careers in Arts Administration
ART/DANC/THTR 499 Art, Dance or Theatre Management
Choose two from the following:
ART 319 The Artist’s Career
ART 320 History of Museums & Collections
ART 361 Curatorial Skills Seminar
THTR 378 Producing Performance
THTR 346 Production Management
COMM 326 Producing for Creative Media