Courses in Music are intended for students who have a particular interest in studying music as a complement to their chosen program.

While these courses do not provide a major in Music, the College does offer courses in music history, appreciation, and performance. Additionally, qualified students may take private instruction in performance through an independent study with Divisional approval (an additional charge may be applicable for this instruction).

Students may also elect to take the Music Minor, which was designed to promote musical knowledge and literacy as a component of interdisciplinary scholarship, and to provide framework for creative opportunities for students with musical skills already at intermediate level. The Music Minor requires 18 credits distributed among three areas of study: Music Scholarship (6-9 credits), Musicianship (3-9) and Creative Production (3-6). In this way, students can customize the minor to complement or expand their interests and abilities.

Through our articulation agreement with Hunter College, MMC students may take courses during the fall and spring semesters at Hunter as part of their regular MMC course load. The Hunter Music department offers both a BA and MA in Music and many of their courses are open to MMC students. For further information and current offerings at Hunter, inquire in the Fine & Performing Arts Divisional Office.

Requirements for a Minor in Music

Music Scholarship
Two or Three of the following:
MUS 110 Introduction to World Music
MUS 201 Survey of Music
MUS 205 Introduction to Twentieth Century Music
MUS 231 Introduction to Opera
MUS 235 Folk Music Traditions
MUS 361 Literature and Music
MUS 370 History of Rock Music
MUS 372 History of American Jazz
Choose from the following:
MUS 108 Elements of Music (1. Pitch and Harmony, 2. Rhythm, 3. Improvisation)  
MUS 120 Chorus
Private Vocal Instruction (Musical Theatre Students Only)
DANC 203 Rhythmic Training (non-major sections only)
Appropriate courses at Hunter College (including ensembles) may be substituted for these requirements with permission of advisor.
Music Creation and Production
MUS 216 Digital Sound Design
or COMM 349 Projects in Digital Sound
or MUS 354 Digital Sound Workshop
MUS 350 Songwriting in the Studio
or MUS 398 Special Topics in Music Composition
Appropriate courses at Hunter College (including ensembles) may be substituted for these requirements with permission of advisor

  • Students must complete a total of 12 credits in Music Scholarship and Musicianship. The remaining 6 credits are to completed in Music Creation and Production.

  • Appropriate COR 300 courses may be used to fulfill these requirements (with permission of advisor).