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Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play - Digital Playbill

by Anne Washburn

Score by Michael Friedman

Lyrics by Anne Washburn

Directed by Ellen Orenstein
Scenic Design by Robert Dutiel 
Costume Design by Julia Squier
Lighting Design by Abigail Hoke-Brady
Sound Design by David Margolin Lawson
Production Stage Management by Rachel Wilson

Playwrights Horizons, Inc. produced the New York City premiere of the play off- Broadway in 2013.

Originally produced in June, 2012 by Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Washington, DC, Howard Shalwitz, Artistic Director; Jeffrey Herrmann, Managing Director.

Mr. Burns was Commissioned by The Civilians, New York, NY Steven Cosson, Artistic Director

For the language of the remembering of the Simpsons’ episode, Cape Feare, the author would like to credit the Civilians actors involved in the initial workshop: Quincy Tyler Bernstine, Maria Dizzia, Gibson Frazier, Matt Maher, Jennifer Morris, Colleen Werthmann and Sam Breslin Wright.


This production of Mr. Burns, a post-electric play contains the following:

Themes of loss, grief, death, helplessness, and crisis.

Depictions of violence and murder

There will be one pre-recorded gunshot and a death by shooting. No blood application will be used.

The use of prop weapons. All prop guns used in this production are solid rubber with no moving parts and are incapable of firing any form of ammunition.

Periods of blinding or flashing lights

The sound of air raid sirens. 

Please be aware that during Act II characters will enter and move through the auditorium.


Please read a note from our Director, Ellen Orenstein

Please read a note from our Musical Staging Coordinator, Haila Strauss





Production Manager - Hannah Mason
Assistants to the Director - Alex Campbell, Keeley Heagerty, Maryanna Tollemache
Assistant to the Musical Director- Sydney Noller
Associate Scenic Designer- Nayah Houston
Assistant Lighting Designer- Jhona Coombs
Assistant Sound Designer- Ava Rand
Assistant Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor- Ana Groen
Intimacy Director & Fight Choreographer - Dan O’Driscoll
Movement Coordinator- Haila Strauss
Assistants to the Movement Coordinator- Janelle Murray, Riley Liburd
Voice & Speech Coordinator - Jeff Morrison
Head of Properties - Brian Monet
Production Electrician - Max Stroeher
Props Assistants - Paige McAllister, Bev Fort
Deck Stage Managers - Mary Barbaria, Haley Withrow
Light Board Programmer - Ethan Foley
Light Board Operator - Rebecca Sorkin
Sound Board Operator - Triniti McNeal
Scenic Charge - Seth Mazlin 
Scenic Construction Crew - Violet De Besche, Ava Butler, Marissa Dattolo, True, Gen Hoelscher, Edelsa Perez, Jessica Fegeley, Joey Soto, Megan Grass, Katrina Edwards, Emma Smiler, Ruby Locklear, Jenny Delorimier, Samantha Yakaitis, Sophia Orihuela, Noah Herrera, Andrew Spriggs, Jacki Carney, Gianna Mancuso, Emerese Noel, Mary D’Ambrogio, Lydia Kalshoven
Scenic Painters - Anastasia Georgiopoulos, Serina Towns-von Stauber, Kiki Sanchez, Ethan Foley
Electricians - Olivia Bedell, Chloe Bridges, Han Bumanlag, Allyson Cabreza, Emma Carlile, Natalie Guzman, Sarah Lepre, Isa Lopez, Annika Martens, Maria Moita, Mikaila Pizarro, Alina Reitz, Kris Silva, Lizzy Sondock, Hope Urbonas, Reese Warren, Camille Caraballo, Ethan Foley, Andrew Maroney, Abby Nocella, Madi Remigio, Michele Torres, Serina Towns-Von Stauber, Avalon Cole, Jenny Delorimier, Sophia True
Run Crew -  Noa Azar, Jess Garcia,  Tyler Goodbout, Michaela Griffin,  Nicole Kiernan, Laura MacLean, Reghan Mayo, Kylie Rivera
Wardrobe Crew - Dot Davis, Rashas Moore, Avery Thomas
Costume Shop Assistant - Damaris Cruz
Front of House Crew - Jose Sanchez Acosta, Ella Blankinship, Emma Dias, Keeley Heagerty, Madeline Heeney, Ryan McDonald, Morgan Southwell, Michele Torres
Special thanks to Angelina Barberia , Ashlynn Baumgartner, Natalie Popky, Kat Sloan Garcia, Avalon Cole, Angelo Sagnelli, Martin Perrin, Production Resource Group, and Gabriella Dutiel for her contribution to the bike. 

Chair, Department of Theatre Arts - Jill Stevenson
Assistant Chair for Production Pedagogy, Department of Theatre Arts - Lori Ann Zepp
Operations Director, FAPA- Katie Meade
Assistant to the Operations Director - Kat Margaret Phifer
Technical Director - Rob Dutiel
Assistant Technical Director - Courtney Ross
Theatre Technician - MIllie Cowan
Costume Design Faculty - Vanessa Leuck
Lighting Design Faculty - Ray Recht
Stage Management Faculty - Lori Ann Zepp

“Mr. Burns, a post-electric play” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.