Play It FOURward

Play it FOURward - Digital Playbill

A Social Justice Musical Journey

MaryAnne Piccolo - Director/Choreographer/Devising Shepherd
Rob Buchwald - Video Production/Editor
Matt Katz-Bohen and Greko - Composers/Music Direction/Audio Design
Joey Kipp - Assistant Choreographer/Choreographer for “Perfect FOURm”
Michael Anthony D’Aquino - Costume Design
Sarah Leal - Lighting Design
Mark McKnight - Set and Virtual Background Design
Aliza Walker - Production Stage Management

Conceived and directed by MaryAnne Piccolo,  Play It FOURward is a virtual musical theatre experience written and devised with a cast of twenty Marymount Manhattan College Theatre Arts students. Featuring music by Matt Katz-Bohen and Greko,  Play it FOURward explores and celebrates the theme of using art for advocacy and social justice.

In times of turmoil and catastrophe, young people have always found a way to use art and music to create change in our world, 2020 is no different. In Play it FOURward, the audience is brought on FOUR musical journeys hoping to inspire change and FOURward thinking; FOUR Help : advocating for mental health awareness and ending the stigma , FOUR Change : advocating for allyship and activism, FOURplay : advocating for an authentic and empowered LGBTQAI+ narrative, PerfectFOURm : advocating for self love and body positivity. Joey Kipp joins the company as choreographer for PerfectFOURm . Video production, editing and live stream is provided by RBVG Productions Inc.


(advocating for Mental Health Awareness)

Haley Crogan as Sarah
Mollie Defilippo as Olivia
Kate Glennon as Meg
Hans Mueh as Charlie
Natalie Pira as Amber

FOUR Change
(advocating for Allyship and Activism)

Jeremiah Garcia as Mateo
Isabelle Moore as Roxie
Emily Pandal as Brooklyn
Jackson McAlister as Cooper

(Advocating for an authentic and empowered LGBTQA+ narrative)

Charles Blaha as Dom
Angelina Pagan as Bobbi
Claire Shutters as Dylan
Sydney Weiser as Lottie
Michael Whitty as Chris

Perfect FOURm
(Advocating for Self Love and Body Positivity)

Candace Coe as Naomi Carter
Kelly Hooper as Lucy Vuitton
Tessa McCormick as Misty Knights
Jessica Potter as Jacey Penney
Hope Spinner as Coco Chanel

Song List

Opening Number

“In Desperate Needs of Songs from the Radio” (Matt Katz-Bohen)


“Robert Smith” (Matt Katz-Bohen)
“Animals” (Matt Katz-Bohen)
“I Tried” (Greko)
“Where Did You Go” (Greko)
“Oceans” (Matt Katz-Bohen)

FOUR Change

“Losing You” (Greko)
“I Feel You” (Greko)
“Together”  (Greko)
“I Feel You (Reprise)” (Greko)
“You Made My Year” (Greko)


“Rose By Any Name” (Matt Katz-Bohen)
“Be Free Society” (Matt Katz-Bohen)
“Naked Eye” (Matt Katz-Bohen)
“Just Cause I Wanna” (Matt Katz-Bohen)
“Only You” (Greko)

Perfect FOURm

“Stuck With You” (Greko)
“Mysterious” (Greko)
“Let’s Be Friends” (Matt Katz-Bohen)
“It’s Over” (Greko)
“Come See Me” (Greko)


“Lift Them Up” (Greko)


Cast Bios

Production Team Bios



Drag Consultant / Misty Nights Artwork and Poster Design - Colin Shields
Guest Voice Over Artist - Randy Blair
Intimacy Education Director - Katie Bradley
Lighting Design - Sarah Leal
Assistant Costume Designer - Lauren Trojanowski
Chair, Department of Theatre Arts - Jill Stevenson

Assistant Chair for Production, Department of Theatre Arts - Ray Recht
Production Coordinator - Hannah Mason
Operations Director/Managing Director - Matthew J. Land
Technical Director - Rob Dutiel
Costume Design Faculty - Karen Kinsley
Stage Management Faculty - Lori Ann Zepp