Realabilities, The Puppet Show Musical

December 22, 2016
On December 18th and 19th, Marymount Manhattan hosted Realabilities—The Puppet Show Musical, which uses Avenue Q style puppets to teach children kindness, empathy and understanding towards children with disabilities and their typical peers through a charming, humorous and beautiful 50 minute musical.

Ten members of the cast are Marymount Manhattan actors. Over 200 adults and 150 children came to enjoy the meaningful messages of the show, which introduces five characters with disabilities: Uno with Autism, Addy with ADHD, Seemore with hearing impairment, Melody with visual impairment and RJ with physical impairment, who harness their special strengths—associated with their disabilities—to rehabilitate bullies in their school and to help Uno succeed in an intense, district-wide math competition.

The concept and book behind the Musical was innovated by Dr. Nava Silton of the MMC Department of Psychology and is based on her Realabilities TV show episode as well as her Educational 10 Comic Book Curriculum, which has been tested on just under 1,000 children in a dozen schools across the country, with the help of her MMC research assistants.

Bonnie Gleicher wrote the music and lyrics, Jessi D. Hill directed the piece, and MMC’s Christine Riley served as the music director, while Ryan Atwell of MMC served as the stage manager. The musical and comic book series have been met with wonderful praise and accolades by schools and industry folk alike and the College is excited to see what lies ahead for Realabilities!


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