MMC Presents Women in Business Workshop

November 20, 2018
  • 2018 Women in Business Workshop
  • 2018 Women in Business Workshop
  • 2018 Women in Business Workshop
On Friday, November 9, MMC’s Institute for Pre-College and Advanced Study held its second annual Women in Business Leadership workshop as part of its Women in Leadership series. 

The Women in Leadership series features one-day workshops highlighting female leaders in various professional fields.  Attendees include women from the corporate sector, MMC students, and alumnae. 

This Women in Business workshop covered a variety of topics, including a history of women in the workplace and potential solutions to the barriers women continue to face in the business world. Two guest speakers, Urvashi Sen, the acting Chief Privacy Officer and Privacy Officer for the Americas for HCL Technologies Ltd., and Beth Griper, Director and Product Specialist at MacKay Shields, shared their stories about navigating difficult situations in the workplace throughout their careers. Sen made a point to acknowledge those who life other women in the workforce. She said, “I consider myself a champion, because it is truly my goal to help other women obtain more easily what I had to struggle to get myself. But it’s important to remember too that it’s not just me, and it’s not just other women. There are helpers everywhere.” After her remarks, attendees enjoyed a networking session. 

To learn more about the Women in Leadership Series and to participate in future workshops, click here.