C-TIE Past Events

Pedagogy Wednesday - September 26th 2018


“Teaching with Technology”

Gunjali Trikha, Assistant Professor of Marketing: 

From a pedagogical standpoint, what’s the benefit of teaching with technology? What does it look like, at its best? What are some of the best resources that enable technology assisted learning? How are educational institutions using technology to augment the learning experience? 

Click here to view PowerPoint presentation

Brian Rocco, Director of the library: 

OER and Blackboard: Improving affordability, access and student success by supporting adoption of open education resources (OER) within our learning management system.
In this session, we will learn how to employ two services that support the use of open educational resources for Blackboard: TopHat and Lumen Learning. Please note, Brian created a Blackboard shell showcasing both these services. If you would like to see them email Brian and he will enroll you.

Click here to view PowerPoint presentation

Rabindra Rai, Webmaster:

Useful IT topics and resources:

1. Using “mymmc” - located in the quicklinks menu on the website - your one stop for private faculty information center.

 2. Using the classclimate website to view completed student surveys.

 3. Updating pages on the College website with department head permissions.

4. Store files and Collaborate on Box (When you share a document within BOX with an mmm user and the user accepts it they automatically get an account and email alert.). Create an account with your email:

5. Feedback on what is needed from the IT office:


Pedagogy Wednesday - April 25th 2018


“Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Degrees and Open Educational Resources (OER)”

Dr. Michelle Ronda (Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY and former MMC’er) presents her discussion of ZTC, OER and the unexpected benefits to faculty who pursue development of courses with open access materials.

Writes Michelle, “Since 2015, BMCC has committed to developing open educational resources for courses—materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license—to ameliorate the $1200 a year average that students typically spend on textbooks. Our OER and Zero Textbook Cost degree plans have saved students about $1 million.”



Dr. Ronda’s PowerPoint (with hyperlinks) - .ppt

Pedagogical Framework for OER/ZTC Course Redesign - .pdf